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Garage Sale Signage Restrictions:

For information on signage restrictions in Plum Creek, please refer to section 3.12 of the Plum Creek DCCR's.  According to the DCCR's, garage sale signs are not allowed to be posted at the entrances, other common areas, or on other residents’ property. 

As with all DCCR’s, they are subject to interpretation by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), and pertaining to garage sales, the ARC will allow a sign to be placed on one’s own lot for the duration of the garage sale only. If a sign of any sort is posted/placed/installed anywhere other than one's own Lot, it is in non compliance with the DCCR’s and will be removed and discarded. Also, a deed restriction violation (DRV) may be issued.

During the Community Wide Garage Sale, the HOA will place approved signs created by the HOA announcing the upcoming event in the neighborhood.

The City of Kyle has additional ordinances pertaining to garage sale signs, which can be found in Sign Ordinance 576, Section 20, Part D at

(C) Garage sale signs. The purpose of a garage sale sign is to announce the sale of household possessions.

(1) Garage sale signs shall not exceed four (4) square feet. Signs shall be allowed for a

maximum of seventy-two (72) consecutive hours no more than two (2) times per calendar year.

(2) Single-family residential on-premises: One garage sale sign per street frontage shall be allowed, but only on the premises where the garage sale is being conducted and where there is an existing residential use.

(3) Neighborhood-wide garage sales: Two garage sale signs per subdivision entrance shall be allowed for a neighborhood-wide garage sale sponsored by a homeowner’s association (HOA). The garage sale sign may be off premises from where the actual garage sale is conducted, but the sign shall be located on property, including a street right-of-way, that is within the limits of the homeowner’s association. The HOA must be registered with the City of Kyle.

(4) Signs shall be placed at least twenty-five (25) feet from an intersection and a minimum of ten (10) feet from the curbline. Signs shall not be placed anywhere in the center median of a public or private street

(5) No permit or fee shall be required for any garage sale sign.

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